lunedì, 20 novembre 2017

Britain most tattooed man with Jeremy Kyle Show inked on head reveal

Britain’s most tattooed man with ‘Jeremy Kyle Show’ inked on head reveals: “I was stabbed in hate crime”

Britain’s most tattooed man has called for an end to discrimination against people with body art after revealing he was stabbed in what he believes was a ‘hate crime’.

The 37-year-old, formerly known as Matthew Whelan before changing his his name to Body Art, hit out at laws that class people who willingly undergo some body modifications as victims of abuse.

The Birmingham man, whose full name is King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite, became a walking advert for his favourite TV programme when he got ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ tattooed on the back of his head before appearing on the show.

He has devoted his life to body modifications but he said it had exposed him to abuse from thugs.

He told the Independent : “It’s a very mixed reaction. I find it quite fascinating when I’m with new people because I’m unique people stare, and it’s a new experience for them.

“I’m used to it as it has been happening for years. You don’t do something like this and not expect that.

“The reactions can go from amazement to hate crime.”

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